Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspection

The decision to purchase commercial property has many unknowns.

 To help avoid costly problems, most seek the advice of qualified professionals such as brokers, appraisers and attorneys. But who will advise you regarding the potential hidden structural problems that may exist in your building? 

We offer a comprehensive professional service for the sole purpose of giving the answers to you before you purchase a home.

If you want the quality assurance that your commercial construction project is flawless every step of the way, then you’ll need someone to look into your building between every construction phase to check for any faults and to recommend the best repair options if needed.

Whether your requirement for timely information on the condition of your property is doing “due diligence” or for capital renewal planning, our engineers deliver meaningful reports. 

Our building assessments include all major building systems. Reports include budget cost estimates and time frames for all major repairs and replacements.

The result is a company that has the technical know-how, but just as important, the ability to convey information concisely to the layperson.

 There are several different types of Commercial Building Inspections: 

•           General Building Inspections

•           Detailed Plumbing and Energy Reports

•           Infrared and Thermal Image Scans

Commercial Systems Inspected:

 •           Foundations, Basements and Under floor

•           Exteriors

•           Roof System

•           Plumbing System

•           Electrical System

•           Heating and Cooling system

•           Fireplaces and Chimneys

•           Building Interior

•           Pools and Spas

The Commercial Inspection Report contains a visual assessment of the status of the building and property, certainly saying existing deficiencies and suggesting possible difficulties. The report is offered to the customer several days prior to the review.

We pride ourselves on our high quality standards, practice, and ethical conduct with a personalized custom touch. You can contact us at (817) 200-4447 for further information.