Arlington TX housing inspections

Arlington TX housing inspections

housing inspections Arlington TX


As professionals, we have an obligation to provide quality service to our clients, which we take very seriously. From our previous experience and training, we have developed a strong understanding of all housing systems and its critical importance to the home inspection process.

We charge reasonable fees to inspect any type of property. We prepare sellers to sell their property by providing practical advice. Pre-sale inspections are advisable for sellers before they list their home. This identifies the potential problems before they become a negotiating point for buyers.

Similarly, we endorse “home staging” services to present your home to interested buyers. Homes that are prepared for sale by a staging professional will attract more offers and favorably display your home’s assets, and result in a faster turnaround, from listing to closing.

Our Mission is to provide every client with:

An honest, impartial and objective home inspection;

An informative written inspection report, delivered in a timely manner, and;

Practical advice that allows clients to make an informed decision about the inspected property.

Arlington TX housing inspections

To properly service our clients, we are continually educating ourselves to be current with the industry’s best practices.

We carry the appropriate insurance and home inspection license for the overall protection of all parties. Contact us at (817) 200-4447 to get more information.

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Hiring an unbiased, third-party inspector ensures that the home inspection does what it’s meant to do, protect you, the homeowner.

As a buyer, a home inspector:

•           Alerts you to any deficiencies or safety issues.

•           Ranks and prioritizes any deficiencies a home may have.

•           Provides tips and recommendations for correcting deficiencies.

•           Additional articles relevant to information contained in the report for further education.

•           Can assist in acquiring financing and insurance.

Our Inspections Include:

•           General safety and security for all rooms in the interior living space and building envelope, framing, structure and siding and soffits

•           Doors and windows, foundations and crawl spaces, attics and garages/Chimneys/Walkways, patios, decks, and driveways/ drainage.

•           We also test mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems for issues.

For condos and townhouses we:

•           Review of strata council minutes to identify possible problem areas and assess maintenance schedules.

•           Inspect all accessible common areas, general overview of roof, and building envelope.

•           Visually  inspect the common mechanical systems such as life safety systems.

We carry out 100% independent pre-purchase inspections. We are not connected to any real estate agency, and pride ourselves in undertaking professional inspections and providing comprehensive reports to ensure our clients will make informed decisions about the property they wish to purchase.

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